1. snakeoily:

    Detail of a new cover for the French version of Celebrated Summer.

  2. zinepolice:

    New Blobby Boys stuff is coming next week from Monolithic Merchandise.

  4. petetoms:

    5 page preview of the 5 page comic I just finished for JEANS 2.

  6. My gluegun’s got skills (at Micheltorena Elementary)

  8. puketrick:

    My formative-work-graphic-novel BLACK MASS has been available for a whole year. To celebrate (?) you Black Mass is on sale in the Mother Books store until the end of the week. 

    "Patrick Kyle’s sock puppet punks and noodle-nosed wizards take you on a dip trip through the inter-dimensional potential of drinking forties and raising some Transylvanian hell. Black Mass is much like you favorite Halloween decorations coming to life and filming a remake of The Decline of Western Civilization in a haunted house - wild, gnarly, scrappy, hilarious and witchy: it’s pretty much THE BEST. " - Edie Fake 

  9. zinepolice:

    Swipe file. 

    That’s Phranc on the top left.

  10. outlawscumfudge:

    New tv show

  12. girlmountain:

    i just saw that this was listed on amazon so i’m guessing it’s okay to post this. MEGAHEX is coming JUNE 2014 from FANTAGRAPHICS (this is just a first draught cover for advertising purposes). #OMFG

  13. deadbeatnik:

    F R O G M O U T H

    (Source: morguscreep, via donnerpartyofone)

  15. zinepolice:

    "Greatest Hits" art show at Wonder Fair this Friday, starting at 6. I will have copies of the new book to sign.